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XMG announces “re-designed” 15-17 inch NEO and PRO gaming laptops with Ryzen 5000 processors and RTX 3000 graphics –

XMG has announced that the 2021 iterations of its PRO and NEO 15/17 laptops will have new, slim cases in addition to new specs. The NEO 15 and 17 also boasts fresh…



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In the wake of the NVIDIA RTX and AMD Ryzen 5000 for mobile announcements of CES 2021, Schenker has introduced new (or E21) generations of its XMG PRO and NEO gaming lines. Not only do these laptops have examples of this new silicon, they also have new chassis focusing on slimming down compared to their predecesors.
Nevertheless, the brand still asserts that it has kept performance in mind: for example, the NEOs 15 and 17 E21 come with a “redesigned and optimized heatpipe layout”, with a “more powerful…

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