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WoW Shadowlands Leveling Guide: How to Hit Level 60 Fast – Main Story, Quests, Dungeons & more – RealSport101

If you’re looking to level fast in Shadowlands, here’s how to reach 60 as soon as possible on launch day!



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Shadowlands is just hours away from going live in World of Warcraft.
As WoW’s seventh expansion, some things have been massively upgraded.
One of the biggest upgrades coming in Shadowlands is the leveling experience.
With this in mind, here’s the fastest way to level in Shadowlands and hit 60 in hours.
Main Story
WoW Shadowlands has a brand new questing system that differentiates main story quests from side quests on-sight. This is a brand new checkmark for main story quests, which is bold and outlined…

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