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Strictly Come Dancing 2020: week five – live – The Guardian

Following last week’s shock elimination, eight couples remained in the running for the Glitterball. Who lit up the dancefloor, and who will be shimmying away tomorrow…



3.42pm EST15:42
at 3.44pm EST
3.41pm EST15:41
3.37pm EST15:37
Tonights leaderboard – Jamie and Karen at the top, Clara and Aljaz at the bottom. That scoreboard is an absolute travesty, can we all please save Clara and Bill from the dance-off? How did Clara go from top to bottom in one week?
at 3.43pm EST
3.36pm EST15:36
Scores: 8,9,10 – a total of 27 for Ranvir and Giovanni. DRINK. We need the fluids, that got me right in my feminine sensing zones.
at 3.56pm EST
3.34pm EST15:34

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