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Slowthai: ‘I know who I am, I know what I stand for’ – The Guardian

He’s no stranger to controversy, but few doubt the talent of Tyron Frampton, AKA Slowthai. He talks about his new album and paying tribute to the NHS



Dressed half-dressed in a yellow tracksuit top and black shorts, Slowthai looks like a man whos just got up, because he has (its 2.45pm). The Northampton rapper, known for his hard-hitting lyrics, unruly energy and a tendency to remove his trousers while performing, has been engaged in a quieter career duty: the signing of 6,600 promo postcards at three in the morning. He started by drawing a Superman S in his signature: But it ended up just, Hi. T. He waves his sore hand at me.
Despite his tiredness,…

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