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Ghosts’ Kiell Smith-Bynoe: ‘Charlotte Ritchie punches me when she’s trying to be sexy’ – The Guardian

The BBC sitcom hinges on the spirited relationship between its two stars. Yet there’s more to the man who plays Mike – including a novelty grime hit about chicken



In the BBC sitcom Ghosts, two modern-day herberts, Mike and Alison, inherit a mansion populated by ancestral spirits. Youd think viewers would be outraged by the absurdity of ghosts who can pass through walls while walking on solid ground, or the implausibility of twentysomethings first step on the property ladder being a 14-bedroom hall, but no. Instead, in 2020, some are more perturbed by the fact that Mike is black and Alison white. Ive seen a lot of comments about that and even if you look a…

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