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Andrei Konchalovsky: ‘I’m very glad I failed in Hollywood’ – The Guardian

The Russian director is back in the spotlight with the Bafta-nominated Dear Comrades! Now 83, Konchalovsky raises a cocktail glass and celebrates his freedom to…



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Its night-time in Moscow, and as Andrei Konchalovsky is settling on the sofa in his apartment, an unearthly howling fills the air. Could this be the wailing of some Russian banshee arisen to stalk the earth for all eternity? Actually, its the protests of Konchalovskys dog, a West Highland terrier, annoyed at not being allowed into the room. As it scurries into view, it turns out its name is Krug like the champagne; evidence that Konchalovsky, at 83, has not lost his taste for the finer things in…

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